First week in Spanish class!

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

photo by Mia Halton

 It’s week one in Spanish class!  Our goals for this week are making introductions and establishing classroom routines.  We have also been practicing the TACO song to learn the vowel sounds and a few survival phrases such as:

  • Hola
  • Lo siento.
  • ¿Puedo ir al baño?
  • ¡Clase!
  • ¡Si!
  • ¡Enseña!
  • ¡Vale!
  • Pareja
  • ¿Puedo hablar en ingles?
  • Pasen los papeles.
  • Adios

Remember supplies are due Monday, August 18th!

2014 – 2015 school year

The new school year is almost here. Before you go shopping for school supplies, take a look at the requested supply list for your class. I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday, August 12th! In the meantime, enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

supplies spa_1
supplies pre-aice_1

Final Month: Last week in Spanish class

052714It’s hard to believe, but this is our last week of regular classes before final exams. Spanish 1 classes will be reviewing in preparation for next week’s exam. Pre-AICE classes will be creating a re-make of a  popular Spanish music video.

On Friday, all classes will enjoy an end of the year celebration.

Graduation is Friday @ 8 PM.

Final Month: Wrapping up our final unit

This week we will be wrapping up our final unit.    Pre-AICE students will learn how to talk about what they and others are doing and will continue reading the novel El Nuevo Houdini.

comidaSpanish classes will continue talking and writing about likes and dislikes and will review using a variety of verbs to talk about what they and others do. One day will be provided in class to plan end of the year video project, too.

All classes will have final lab day assignment.


Final Quarter: Final month in Spanish class

gustaThis week we will continue talking and writing about likes and dislikes including food preferences.  Spanish 1 classes will take final diagnostic assessment at the end of the week.  Pre-AICE classes will be running the The Pulsera Project  for our  school and in class will be comparing and contrasting cultures.

All students  and their groups need to plan/finalize scripts for  End of the Year Video Projects (due: Wednesday, May 21st)


Final Quarter: Week 5 in Spanish class

  casa      This is The Pulsera Project  Pre-sale week! We are excited to participate in this great event.

In class, we will talk about our homes or dream homes and compare them to homes around the world.  We will also talk  about our likes and dislikes.  Pre-AICE classes will also use the verb ESTAR to talk about location and continue reading the novel El Nuevo Houdini.

Everyone needs to join a group  for our END OF THE YEAR VIDEO PROJECT by this Friday, May 2nd


Final Quarter: Week 4 in Spanish class

This week we will work with stem-changing  verbs to talk about what family members do.

verbos con cambios radicales

Pre-AICE students will take a writing assessment (TEST) on Thursday and Spanish 1 students will take a reading and writing assessment (TEST) on Friday.

ALL classes will also discuss upcoming END OF THE YEAR PROJECTS.