2nd Quarter: Week 2 in Spanish class

real worldSpanish 1:

We had a great week last week with our first Real World activities!  We sampled cakes beautifully decorated with flags,  tasted unusual soft drinks (coconut, pineapple, mandarin and apple),  designed t-shirts with description words, sang the first verse of the song “Soy Guapo”,  created replicas of a famous Spanish artist painting,  and wrote acrostics.   Our proficiency goals for this week include describing people and things and giving opinions, talking about our and others’ birthdays and asking questions.

Homework:  GoogleVoice,  Edmodo and Real World (Activity #2).

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1:

Our proficiency goals this week include talking about activities and asking questions.  We will continue practicing using regular -AR verbs and learn when to use the verb ESTAR vs. SER and also gain perspectives on the Spanish-speaking world during our lab day this week. Jueves en español this week!Homework: Quizlet, Conjuguemos, GoogleVoice and Edmodo.

2nd Quarter: Week 1 in Spanish class

DSC_4611Second Quarter is always a fresh  start!                                                                                         Spanish 1: 

Our proficiency goals this week include describing people (personality and physical appearance) and interpreting  and understanding what we listen to and read. Students will create an acrostic to describe themselves, write a brief poem describing a famous person and begin reading their first book completely in Spanish!  We will continue reviewing previously learned songs: “SER”,  “Alto/bajo”, “Soy Guapo” and learn a new song this week: “Ojos/pelo”. Homework: one Real Word project  due  on Friday and  one Edmodo post.

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1: 

This week’s proficiency goals include: discussing  and asking questions about activities, school subjects, schedules and teachers.  Students will begin working with regular verbs in the present tense and practice interpretive listening and reading skills. We will review the song “SER” and learn two new songs this week “AR” and “Las Excusas”  Homework: Quizlet, Edmodo and Esteban/Estebanita Project (due Friday)

End of the first grading period

oakleaf-logo1.jpgThis is Homecoming Week!


Get in the school spirit and dress up this week.


Monday: America Day

Tuesday: Tie Dye Day

Wednesday:  Western Day

Thursday: Spirit Day

Spanish 1: 

In class we will be starting a new unit and learning new vocabulary. Our proficiency goal this week is to describe people (physical appearance and personality traits). We will continue to review the verb SER as we use it in context throughout the week. Homework: Edmodo quiz,  GoogleVoice #5 and complete lab #4. All notebooks will be collected  for grading this Thursday.

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1:

We are starting a new unit and learning new vocabulary. Our proficiency goals this week include: using names of people, places and things to talk about school and talking about school schedules. Homework: Vocabulary notebooks, Quizlet and Edmodo.  All notebooks will be collected  for grading this Thursday.

Week 8 in Spanish class

Spanish 1: IMG_7814

Can you believe it? The first grading period is almost over!  This week our proficiency goals include using numbers including telling time, giving phone numbers and dates. This Thursday we will have a formal assessment (listening, reading and writing)  Homework: Edmodo and Hispanic Heritage Project (due: Thurs. Oct. 2nd)

Pre-AICE 1: 

This week’s proficiency goals include: using numbers, recognizing strategies to identify cognates, listening to familiar and unfamiliar vocabulary and getting the gist, and exchanging information.  Friday we will have a formal assessment. Homework: GoogleVoice #6 and Edmodo.

Week 7 in Spanish class

cropped-dsc_5537.jpgSpanish 1: 

We will begin our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month this week.  Our proficiency goals this week include: using the verb SER to identify, to indicate possession and to describe origin; identify and use numbers from zero to thirty; tell and ask the time and interpret simple songs.  We will learn a two songs this week: El Verbo SER and Cabeza, hombros, pies. Homework: Edmodo (create sentences using the correct form of SER), GoogleVoice #4 (sing the SER song); Quizlet – Los números 0-100 ; Edmodo (¿Qué hora es? ) Project: Hispanic Heritage Month project assigned this week and due October 2nd.

Pre-AICE 1:

We will begin our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month this week.  Our proficiency goals this week include: using the verb SER to identify, to indicate possession, to describe origin,  and to talk about professions and occupations; exchange information and recognize basic practices and perspectives of cultures; tell and ask the time and interpret readings and simple songs. We will learn a two new songs this week: El Verbo SER and Baila con tu cuerpo and begin lab #4.  Homework: GoogleVoice #5 ; Edmodo (Verbo SER, ¿Qué Hora es?, Juramento a la Bandera)

Week 6 in Spanish class

cropped-dsc_5491.jpgSpanish 1:

Our goals this week include: exchanging basic personal information in different modes of communication; identifying subjects and verbs in sentences and using subject pronouns.  We will continue to focus on communication in Spanish  using interpretive reading and listening and interpersonal communication.  We will also complete lab #3.

Homework:  GoogleVoice #3 and Edmodo.

Pre-AICE 1:

This week’s goals include: identifying the gender of nouns, counting numbers from zero to thirty, identifying, and using subject pronouns. We will complete lab # 3 and continue to practice communication  in Spanish by focusing on interpretive reading and listening as well as, interpersonal communication.

Homework: Quizlet, GoogleVoice #4 and Edmodo

REMINDER:  Interims are available this week.

Week 5 in Spanish class


Our goals this week are to spell and say new words, engage in basic conversations. using words, phrases and expressions.   We will have lab #3 on Wednesday and GoogleVoice #2 will be assigned for homework on Monday.

Cambridge Pre-AICE:

This week’s goals include: engaging in basic conversations, saying the Spanish alphabet and interpreting information and ideas of culturally rich sources.  Homework assignments will include: Quizlet, GoogleVoice #3 and Edmodo.

  • Cambridge social – Tuesday, Sept. 9th
  • Informational meeting – trip to Peru June 2015 – 6:30 PM Ms. Perez classroom


Week 4 in Spanish class

DSC_4931Spanish 1:

This week students will learn the Spanish alphabet and practice spelling a variety of words.  Students will compare and contrast differences between English and Spanish  alphabets, learn an alphabet song and spell first name in Spanish. Students will use GoogleVoice for the first time this week to record an introductory message.  On Wednesday, students will go to the lab and complete lab assignment # 2 using Edmodo and Quizlet and on Friday students will have a survival phrases quiz.

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1:

It’s all about greetings, introductions and courtesy expressions this week!  Students will engage in conversations and role-plays to practice basic greetings.  Wednesday is Lab Day in lab 300T in the Media Center.  Students will complete GoogleVoice # 2 and Lab Assignment # 2 and a  survival phrases quiz on Friday .

REMINDER:  College & Career Night this Thursday at Ridgeview from 6:30 – 8:00 pm


Week 3 in Spanish class

interactive notebook1interactive notebook2Cuadernos de Vocabulario y Gramática (CVG)

This week Spanish 1 & Cambridge Pre-AICE 1 classes will organize Vocabulary & Grammar notebooks ( CVG).  Pre-AICE 1 students will also begin using GoogleVoice on Monday.  Proficiency goals for this week include: practicing making requests and learning to ask questions and make statements .  Students will need to create an Edmodo account this week  with group codes provided in class. We will meet in lab 338 on Wednesday to complete lab assignment #1.

Reminder: Please join us for OPEN HOUSE this Thursday at 6:00 PM.