End of the first quarter in Spanish class

This is the final week for our first grading period in the school year!  Isn’t it crazy? Time has gone by so fast.  We’ve been very busy in class and here’s a quick glimpse at what we’ve been up to recently.

In the past two weeks students have:

  • Practiced exchanging personal information and making introductions
  • Specified new and familiar words in a video and in an authentic song
  • Interpreted information and ideas from a variety culturally authentic sources
  • Counted from 0-30
  • Identified and used subject pronouns
  • Learned gestures for all pronouns
  • Practiced singing the song SER
  • Used the verb SER to write simple sentences about self and others
  • Updated their interactive notebooks
  • Learned about a popular music group through comprehensible input /authentic reading
  • Acquired and reinforced grammar skills through technology during our lab days

This week students will:

  • Use numbers and tell time
  • Exchange information and use grammar concepts in context
  • Complete and interpersonal communication assessment
  • Read and analyze demographic and cultural information about Hispanics in the United States and Canada
  • Complete self-evaluations

All make-up assignments must be completed by this Thursday October 8th.

Starting week 6 in Spanish class

   Last week students presented their projects to reflect how Spanish is used beyond the school setting.  Some students shared how they had “discovered” Spanish in our own community, while others engaged with social media to learn new vocabulary thru pictures and others chose to use technology via a free app to acquire vocabulary.

In the past two weeks students have:

  • learned the Spanish alphabet and practiced spelling simple words
  • discussed  and identified cognates
  • used a variety of nouns
  • classified masculine and femine nouns
  • used and practiced basic greetings and introductions
  • interpreted information by reading about the Dominican Republic’s national dance
  • practiced some basic Merengue’s steps
  • engaged with technology using the Supersite to reinforce vocabulary and skills
  • created  free accounts on Quizlet to practice vocabulary

This week Spanish 1 students will continue to refine previously acquired vocabulary and  Cambridge Pre-AICE 1 students will say and spell new words, count from 0-30 and identify pronouns.

Lab Day #3

Lab Day #3

First 3 weeks in Spanish class

Three weeks of school already?  We’ve been busy getting to know each other and establishing routines, while working hard at staying in the Target Language (Spanish) at least 90% of the class time.  The first week was especially challenging to students, but we are committed to using comprehensible input in an effort to help students acquire Spanish. At the end of three weeks, students are very comfortable introducing themselves and others, saying where they are from, saying the day and date, and using some basic classroom survival phrases to ask questions, make requests and statements. Spanish 1 students have learned the Taco Song (vowel pronunciation), and Sr. Wooly’s ¿Puedo ir al baño? and the Cambridge Pre-AICE 1 students also learned the traditional song Los Pollitos Dicen. This year we will be using Descubre’s SUPERSITE, so we conducted an infrastructure trial last week to determine any potential issues.  This coming week we will be creating student accounts for this great resource. Students also completed their first project (personalizing interactive notebook) and have been assigned project #2 to help them discover/explore Spanish outside of class and in our community.

Last Tuesday, we welcomed parents to Open House.  Thank you to all of you who were able to join us.  We had a wonderful turn out, in some classes standing room only!   Those of you who came were able to get a glimpse of your child’s  current  Spanish skills.  Please continue to encourage them to share with you what they are learning.

Final 3 weeks in Spanish class

Spanish 1:

Wow! Where has the year gone?  We’re down to the final three weeks in Spanish 1 for this school year.  As we wrap up the year, students will be reviewing and practicing vocabulary and grammar concepts from the entire year.  We will also have opportunities to compare/contrast cultures, practices, perspectives and products.  Students will in engage in a variety of interpretive listening and presentational writing activities. Reminder: Thursday, May 21st is the final day to make-up any assignments. Spanish 1 final exams are scheduled for Monday- Tuesday, June 1st and 2nd

  Cambridge Pre-AICE 1: 

During the final three weeks of school, please keep in mind some deadlines:  students will finish reading the novel El Nuevo Houdini and complete a presentational writing assessment on Wednesday, May 20th.  The dialogue scripts for the group projects are due on Friday, May 22nd.  End of the year video projects are due on Wednesday, May 27th. Students will engage in a variety of interpretive reading and listening activities and presentational writing practice as we wrap up the year.  Cambridge Pre-AICE Spanish 1 final exams are scheduled for Wednesday, June 3rd.

Fashion shows and restaurants in Spanish class

Spanish 1

Last week students presented “scenes” from a restaurant as they engaged in conversation and ordered a meal at a restaurant. Students were able to present their skits without using notes and did a great job using the Spanish they know. After the presentations students completed a presentational writing quiz to demonstrate their current level of proficiency. Service project: students have an opportunity to parcipate in a service project sponsored by FLENEF. Bags are due Friday, May 15th

  Cambridge Pre-AICE

Students worked in groups and presented some hilarious fashion shows as they engaged in conversations about fashion. We continued reading El Nuevo Houdini and engaged in discussions about cars we prefer or impress us. Students chose group members for End of the Year Video Project and began brainstorming ideas.