Week 6 in Spanish class

cropped-dsc_5491.jpgSpanish 1:

Our goals this week include: exchanging basic personal information in different modes of communication; identifying subjects and verbs in sentences and using subject pronouns.  We will continue to focus on communication in Spanish  using interpretive reading and listening and interpersonal communication.  We will also complete lab #3.

Homework:  GoogleVoice #3 and Edmodo.

Pre-AICE 1:

This week’s goals include: identifying the gender of nouns, counting numbers from zero to thirty, identifying, and using subject pronouns. We will complete lab # 3 and continue to practice communication  in Spanish by focusing on interpretive reading and listening as well as, interpersonal communication.

Homework: Quizlet, GoogleVoice #4 and Edmodo

REMINDER:  Interims are available this week.