2nd Quarter: Week 1 in Spanish class

DSC_4611Second Quarter is always a fresh  start!                                                                                         Spanish 1: 

Our proficiency goals this week include describing people (personality and physical appearance) and interpreting  and understanding what we listen to and read. Students will create an acrostic to describe themselves, write a brief poem describing a famous person and begin reading their first book completely in Spanish!  We will continue reviewing previously learned songs: “SER”,  “Alto/bajo”, “Soy Guapo” and learn a new song this week: “Ojos/pelo”. Homework: one Real Word project  due  on Friday and  one Edmodo post.

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1: 

This week’s proficiency goals include: discussing  and asking questions about activities, school subjects, schedules and teachers.  Students will begin working with regular verbs in the present tense and practice interpretive listening and reading skills. We will review the song “SER” and learn two new songs this week “AR” and “Las Excusas”  Homework: Quizlet, Edmodo and Esteban/Estebanita Project (due Friday)