2nd Quarter: Week 2 in Spanish class

real worldSpanish 1:

We had a great week last week with our first Real World activities!  We sampled cakes beautifully decorated with flags,  tasted unusual soft drinks (coconut, pineapple, mandarin and apple),  designed t-shirts with description words, sang the first verse of the song “Soy Guapo”,  created replicas of a famous Spanish artist painting,  and wrote acrostics.   Our proficiency goals for this week include describing people and things and giving opinions, talking about our and others’ birthdays and asking questions.

Homework:  GoogleVoice,  Edmodo and Real World (Activity #2).

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1:

Our proficiency goals this week include talking about activities and asking questions.  We will continue practicing using regular -AR verbs and learn when to use the verb ESTAR vs. SER and also gain perspectives on the Spanish-speaking world during our lab day this week. Jueves en español this week!Homework: Quizlet, Conjuguemos, GoogleVoice and Edmodo.