2nd Quarter: Week 4 in Spanish class

real world t-shirtSpanish 1:

On Monday we will conclude our first interpersonal speaking test.  Students who have completed test have demonstrated great ability to exchange information on familiar topics. They were able to handle short social interactions using phrases and/or simple sentences.

Our goals this week include: using numbers 31 and higher and talking about activities we and others do.  We will conclude the Real World Spanish activities this week; a total of four activities must have been completed by Friday.  Homework: Quizlet, Edmodo and Real World Activity #4.

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1:

We will be finishing our school unit this week with a writing assignment and an interpersonal speaking assessment.  Students will be expected to demonstrate their ability to exchange information and carry on a conversation on  familiar topics, ask and answer questions using phrases and a series of sentences and write on familiar topics using some details. Homework:  Get together with group, create and practice script for presentation.