2nd Quarter: Week 5 in Spanish class

IMG_1024Spanish 1:

Last Friday we completed our unit’s Real World Spanish activities.  Some very artistic students decided to create painted replicas of Spanish-speaking artists paintings.  Others displayed their creativity by designing t-shirts with self descriptions in Spanish.   This week’s goals include talking about what other’s do, creating a story and a new version of a story and reading another chapter of a novice level book.  Homework:  GoogleVoice  #7, Edmodo and Quizlet.

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1:

Last Thursday students worked in groups to present some wonderful skits entirely in Spanish as an interpersonal speaking assessment.  Students described  school schedules, talked about classes and teachers, asked and answered questions and talked about what they like to do.  This week’s goals include talking about family and using terms for family relationships. Homework:  Quizlet, CVG – family tree and GoogleVoice #8


We’re going to Epcot!  Reserve your seat this week.