2nd Semester: Week 3 in Spanish class

Spanish 1:

This is a short week in class.   On Tuesday,  we will practice talking about where we and others go and what we and others are going to do.  Wednesday will be our stations lab day and students will have a writing assessment  as we  wrap up our current unit.  On Thursday, we will begin our new unit talking about what we have and what we need.  On Friday, we will continue reading our chapter book Pobre Ana.  Students who attended Epcot :  wear your t-shirt this Friday! Homework: Edmodo  and Quizlet

Cambridge Pre-AICE 1: 

Our goals this week include:  review vocabulary and grammar concepts, reading informational texts, justifying and citing answers, writing a friendly letter, comparing other cultures to own culture, talking about pastimes, weekend activities and hobbies and interpreting and understanding texts. Homework: Quizlet, Edmodo, GoogleVoice #11, Students who attended Epcot: wear your t-shirt this Friday!

Mexico at Epcot 2015