Final 3 weeks in Spanish class

Spanish 1:

Wow! Where has the year gone?  We’re down to the final three weeks in Spanish 1 for this school year.  As we wrap up the year, students will be reviewing and practicing vocabulary and grammar concepts from the entire year.  We will also have opportunities to compare/contrast cultures, practices, perspectives and products.  Students will in engage in a variety of interpretive listening and presentational writing activities. Reminder: Thursday, May 21st is the final day to make-up any assignments. Spanish 1 final exams are scheduled for Monday- Tuesday, June 1st and 2nd

  Cambridge Pre-AICE 1: 

During the final three weeks of school, please keep in mind some deadlines:  students will finish reading the novel El Nuevo Houdini and complete a presentational writing assessment on Wednesday, May 20th.  The dialogue scripts for the group projects are due on Friday, May 22nd.  End of the year video projects are due on Wednesday, May 27th. Students will engage in a variety of interpretive reading and listening activities and presentational writing practice as we wrap up the year.  Cambridge Pre-AICE Spanish 1 final exams are scheduled for Wednesday, June 3rd.