2016-17 2nd Semester

I can hardly believe it, but we only have three more days this school year. Where did the time go? It was a busy semester, but I’m so proud of how much my students have accomplished this year!  We continued with our curriculum for level one, but these are few of this semester’s highlights:

Spanish 1 classes:

  • Epcot 2017: We started the 2nd semester with our annual trip to Epcot. Students who were able to go, gave two-minute presentations (PechaKucha style) about their trip and those who didn’t attend talked about what they did during the 3-day weekend.Epcot_1 (1)
  • No inglés: I re-committed to  the “Señora does not speak English policy”. To get students on board and give them the responsibility for holding me accountable, I  added a little competition between the two class periods. If the entire class was conducted  in Spanish while still making it comprehensible, the class earned points for the day.  If I accidentally reverted to speaking English and they pointed it out the class earned extra points.  The class that ended up  with the most points earned a celebration party at the end of the semester. Students enjoyed the competition and loved being able to “catch” me using English. And, I loved the fact the they were listening to lots of Spanish!
  • Lab Day: We continued using Mic Note to practice presentations, conduct partner interviews and answer questions.  We also continued using Google Classroom to make announcements, create or submit assignments or assessments with Google Forms.  We used our textbook’s Supersite for interpretive listening and reading activities.
  • Glyphs:  We tried some of Martina’s ideas for interpretive reading activities and assessments and students enjoyed the low-pressure challenge of reading small chunks while providing evidence of understanding and receiving feedbak quickly.
  • End of the Year Presentations: ( Pechakucha  style) Students spoke for up to three minutes using either a pictures-only Google Slides presentation or a silent video. They talked all about themselves as it related to our six themes (personal facts, school, family, hobbies and activities, vacations and shopping).  They were amazing!
  • Review Group Project:  Students designed a dynamic lesson presentation based on the  can-do statements for each of our six themes. They formed groups and assigned a job each team member. Some of the jobs included:  vocabulary presentations, grammar concept reviews, skits,  sample sentences, songs and games.

Cambridge Pre-AICE Spanish 1 classes:

  • No inglés: We continued the “Señora does not speak English policy”, but added a small twist. A day of the week was designed as “no inglés” for students. In January, we started with Wednesday or “miércoles en español” adding a new day to each consecutive  month, so that in May everyday was en español.  At first, students were apprehensive about it; however, they rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations.  I loved hearing them speak to each other and use circumlocution  rather than giving up and resorting to using English. 
  • Circle time: These low-stress-brain-break activities were some of my students favorites.  We would all literally stand up and form a giant circle and play a game, sing a song, recite a poem or ask and answer questions while still speaking Spanish.
  • Novels: We read two of Carol Gabb’s novels Brandon Brown quiere un perro and El Nuevo Houdini. Students read with partners, in small groups, reader’s theater style, acted out scenes and retold main facts.
  • Lab Day:  In addition to using  Mic Note, Google Classroom, Google Forms, and our textbook’s Supersite, we explored writing simple stories using Storybird and journaling collaboratively about our weekend using Padlet.  Sr. Wooly‘s videos and songs quickly became students’  favorite interpretive listening activities.
  • Fashion Show: During our shopping unit, students formed groups, picked a theme and put on some hilarious fashion shows.  Two of the team members served as MCs describing each ridiculous outfit each “model” was wearing and then conducted an interview with each “model” about his/her shopping habits. Students were so creative coming up with great themes for their group’s fashion show everything from “the injured” to “Christmas” to “Hawaiian vacation”, etc.
  • End of the Year Video Projects: Students formed groups and created a Spanish novela to showcase this year’s themes.   The stories and videos were funny, creative and fun! It took us three days to watch all the videos, but we really enjoyed them and had some great laughs.
  • Enrichment: We read several Spanish readers/books including:  Deb Navarre’s series  (La Novia, El Viaje, El Desafio), Pobre Ana and Los Baker’s van a Perú. We watched Living on One Dollar, McFarland, USA and the BBC’s interactive drama Mi Vida Loca. Students competed in groups to see which group created the best video for Jarabe de Palo’s song Bonito.

I’m so grateful for all my students.  They were willing to try new things, be creative, work hard,  take risks and make mistakes and best of all they didn’t give up! My hope is that they continue on the proficiency path for years to come, but for now we are all ready for summer break ♥