First Semester 2017-18

Wow! another semester has come and gone already.  We’ve been steadily  continuing on our path towards proficiency while also comparing and contrasting our culture to the Spanish speaking culture. Students began reading articles in the target language about the impact  and influence Hispanics make in the United States and Canada. Afterwards, to demonstrate their comprehension, they created infographics to highlight the main topics discussed in the article.  They did the same with another article about Spain.


During lab days, we continued using MIC note to engage in conversations with classmates. Students conducted interviews with a partner inquiring about personal information, classes, teachers and school and recorded their interviews. They focused on pronunciation and fluency and  were able to provide some great samples of what they can do.

In order to provide comprehensible input we used Señor Wooly’s  “Las excusas”  song. Students listened for familiar vocabulary while acquiring some new phrases to use as excuses. They enjoyed the video, too.

We used the app Duolingo for Schools to practice and review vocabulary while enjoying a bit of competition. Some students accepted the challenge to earn the most points in their class and spent quite a bit of time at home using the app.

The song “Soy yo” was a popular song of the week in November.  Students worked in groups to create a re-make and presented their new version to the class. We had some very creative and “dramatic” presentations.

As November came to an end, students began seeing more and more examples of how verbs work in Spanish and they created verb maps to provide  visual resources to others. The maps included the infinitive of the verb, an illustration, the present tense conjugation and some original sentences using the verb. Later they presented  the posters to the class.

Since the goal of our class is communication, we had conversations about many of topics including: talking about likes and dislikes,  using gestures to talk about where things are while playing “Simon dice…“,  reviewing numbers 31 and higher by playing bingo,  and continuing our “miércoles en español” when the entire class is conducted in Spanish. On these days in particular we take a lot of brain breaks geared specifically for a world language classroom.

At the end of the semester,  students completed their second PechaKucha, a dynamic fast-paced  2 minute speaking presentation entirely in Spanish.  They were amazing, giving personal facts and talking about school, subjects, likes and dislikes and about what they do. At the end of the semester they were also able to write a letter about similar topics.

As we continue the second half of the year, I’m excited to see their progress on their  path to proficiency.