Second Semester 2017-18

Well another year is in the record books.  Yesterday was the last day of school and summer has officially started.  However, I always enjoy taking time to look back at the previous semester to remember and highlight some of our accomplishments. So, let’s take look down memory lane…


Way back in January, we started the semester with some group skits to help us review how to  give personal facts, talk about likes/dislikes and all things related to school. Later in the month and while learning about our family unit, we read our first book entirely in Spanish!  After reading one of the chapters in the book, we tried running dictation. That month, most students favorite song was Guapo We listened to it so much, that most students were able to easily sing it.

Our annual trip to Epcot was a blast!  We enjoyed great food,  perfect weather and experienced the sights and sounds of lots of cultures and students can’t wait to sign up for next year’s trip.


By the end of January, we were talking about what we did or where we went using some of the most frequently used verbs otherwise known as the “Super 7” Wednesdays were planned as our conversation days with lots of brain breaks or “descansitos” with the goal of talking to many different partners throughout the class period. On Fridays we continued our “Hoy es viernes” (Today is Friday) activity where a students shows his or her special talent or favorite activity.

One of many talented students


The emphasis in February was writing. For Valentine’s Day, students wrote a card to someone special and many  students chose to write to their mothers, #awwh!  After they wrote the cards, they took pictures giving the card to their special someone.


They wrote simple messages in Spanish like: “Te quiero porque… ” (I love you because…)  “Eres muy especial para mi porque eres…” (You are special to me because you’re…)

El Día del Amor y la Amistad o El Día de San Valentín (Feb 15, 2018 at 2_10 PM)

So sweet! It was an engaging activity and they used Spanish in the real world.

During our lab days we started using Padlet to encourage students to write about a variety of topics including favorite activities and hobbies.  One special Padlet feature I like is that students are able to see live posts from their peers.

Some of our songs of the week for February included two Carlos Vives’ songs: Robarte un beso  & La Bicicleta , Marc Anthony’s Vivir mi Vida and Para Enamorarte by the group CNCO.  We did some cloze lyrics activities, read some of the lyrics, wrote original sentences with essential vocabulary, answered and discussed questions about the main idea or theme, and used one of the songs as a springboard to research possible destinations during a “trip” to Colombia.


In March, we talked, read  and wrote about sports and Hispanic athletes.  Students created brochures about sports


or activities in the community.


We began the month with all the last minute preparation for the annual World Language Department event: Culture Knight. It’s one of the most popular and well attended events at our school.  Students contribute food dishes from around the world and showcase their talents while representing a variety of cultures.

World Languages Department – Culture Knight 2018

In class we started “La Persona Especial” daily interviews.  Students engaged in a spontaneous two-minute interview with me.  They were randomly selected each day and the questions ranged from simple memorized type of questions to more open-ended ones. Although students were a bit nervous prior to the interview, they always rose up to the challenge and were able to answer a variety of questions about familiar topics. Answers clearly demonstrated their level of proficiency as some students gave short and simple answers, while others were able to expand and elaborate, but all were able to keep up with the interview.

We used the Oscar winning animated video Joy or as we called in class “Alegria” for MovieTalk. It’s an adorable video that lends itself  perfectly to scene by scene telling and retelling and talking about a variety of emotions.

Students wrote a picture book using Storybird. They wrote about what they used to do when they were five years old, what they did last year and what they do now. It was a fun activity to practice using the Super 10 verbs (the 10 most frequently used verbs).  Later, students shared their “books” with the class.


May was one of our busiest months, ever. We read our second book, began preparing, planning, videoing, editing and watching our End of the Year Video Projects (remakes/parodies of Sr. Wooly‘s videos), practiced vocabulary using the new game Gimkit, had a hilarious fashion show in class, participated in The Pulsera Project with total sales much higher than in previous years,

talked about our daily routines, food and celebrations. And finally, we invited some of our school’s native Spanish-speaking students to our class to engage in conversations and to show off our Spanish skills.  At first, the activity was a bit awkward, but as everyone began to relax, there were plenty of laughs and opportunities to learn about each other.

Wow, what a busy month and semester! I’m tired all over again just thinking about all these activities, and yet,  I can also say I love seeing the progress students make and all that they are able to do now and completely in Spanish!


Hasta agosto!