2018-19 First Semester Reflections

We did it!  Another semester is now over and we’re enjoying a few weeks off to rest, enjoy time with family and recharge for our second semester, but before we begin a new semester, it’s a good  idea to look back,  celebrate and reflect on what we have accomplished!

We participated in a series of routines such as: a daily report, a  song  of the week and an artist of the month. The daily report is a 5 minute Q&A activity to review and be exposed to a  ton of useful vocabulary to engage in small talk with others, like providing  personal bio facts, talking about the weather, school, classes, teachers, personal likes and dislikes, and other common daily activities. We listened to sixteen authentic songs of the week and rated each according to personal preference and gave our opinion each week to others. We also explored a couple of them  in depth  to learn about the artist and acquire some vocabulary and grammatical structures. Each month, we replicated art pieces from the Spanish speaking world.




We started the month  with our annual field trip to Epcot.  This year we scheduled the trip during our first semester and were able to visit the park while it was beautifully decorated for its International Festival of  the Holidays. Students absolutely loved the experience.

We spent a week reading our first novel.  We read chapters as a class, reader theater style or with partners. It was great to see in the midterm writing assessment how many students used grammatical structures they acquired during this reading.

During the second week of December, thanks to Williamson CI & TPRS we completed a portion of this year’s Navidad Commercial Madness. Students watched seven authentic commercials and were able to listen for key vocabulary, identify the main idea or respond to basic questions.  Students also learned about some unusual traditions in Spain by watching Pablo at Dreaming Spanish and using Edpuzzle to demonstrate comprehension.

The Midterm Reading and Writing assessments showed how much students have acquired. They were able to read, interpret and understand a variety of texts on familiar topics and write a letter in Spanish.  Some students wrote up to 190 words!

IMG_4524 (1)
social media personal profiles & class preference survey results


We completed a 30-day challenge using Duolingo — great for acquiring new vocabulary and seeing vocabulary in context.

La Cintura  by Alvaro Soler was a popular song of the week and we discussed more about the artist and practiced vocabulary with a variety activities, such as listen and draw, reading a class story and creating a new version of the story and finally we learned a few dance steps. We also used another song of the week,  Soy yo to talk about what we do or don’t do including when, where, why and how.



Flipgrid was a class favorite in October. Students created and watched peer videos and rated some of them or answered questions about them. We also used a variety of sites during our lab days. To encourage team collaboration and competition we used, Quizlet Live, Quizizz and Gimkit

We described our school and  compared and contrasted schools around the world with our own. We also talked about how we felt and what we liked or disliked.



We learned the alphabet, how to spell our names and other words. We talked about a variety of locations and other icons in the Spanish speaking world. We used numbers to talk about dates, count and tell time.




one of our favorite call-and-response phrases



We started off the year by getting to know each other and learning how to ask and answer small talk type questions.  Students began to see how they are able to understand a new language through images, gestures and other context clues.  One of our brain breaks included taking a group selfie.



We talked about why learning Spanish would be helpful. Everyone had different personal reasons.

IMG_3415 (1)By the end of the month, students presented their first PechaKucha adjusted to 30 seconds and gave personal information facts entirely in Spanish!


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