La Profesora


I was born in Colombia, South America and learned to speak English at the age of thirteen after my family moved to Texas. I know exactly what it is like to learn a second language as a teenager. You are about to embark in an exciting and challenging adventure and I am committed to guide you and help you succeed as you learn a second language.

It was my longing to encourage and impact future generations that first lead me to teaching. However, “anything but typical” would be the best way to describe my journey into teaching. The journey has been long, filled with twists, turns, and temporary stops, but along the way I have learned many valuable lessons I hope to share with you. It is my desire to see you making wise choices, while I help you discover your talents and unique abilities, so that you may positively impact all those around you after you leave my classroom. I hope to inspire and challenge you as you learn a second language and gain an awareness and appreciation of other cultures.

I consider it a privilege to be your Spanish teacher this year!

I am looking forward to a great year,

Sra. Scarborough

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